Raw C Organic Virgin Coconut OilTriple Filtered, Unrefined, Absolutely No Additives

We cold press the finest, purest coconut flesh to produce the #rawsome natural goodness of our virgin coconut oil. Triple filtered, unrefined and absolutely no additives, our versatile oil is raw and Australian certified organic.

Perfect in savoury dishes such as stir-fries and curries, Raw C organic coconut oil also works a treat in your baking, desserts and raw treats such as bliss balls and cheesecakes.
It’s the perfect pure, natural addition to any kitchen cupboard as well as being an essential ingredient in your beauty and wellness regime. Use it as a moisturiser, in nourishing hair masks, for oil pulling and lots more!

Raw C Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and a range of independent grocers and health stores.

Raw C Coconut Oil is 100% All-Natural and Certified Organic

Raw C coconut oil is packed with certified organic #rawsome goodness. Every jar carries Australia Certified Organic (ACO) approval.

When you order our pure coconut oil online, you can choose between our 330ml or 700ml jars. Orders of our organic virgin coconut oil come in a case of six and you can have that all-natural coconut oil goodness delivered direct to your door. Too easy!

RAW C ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL IS Triple Filtered, Completely Raw And Cold-Pressed

Our virgin coconut oil is solid at room temperature and has a moderate smoke point which makes it ideal for cooking. Triple filtered, cold pressed and with absolutely no added anything, Raw C pure coconut oil has a subtle coconut flavour and is great as a base for stir fries, curries, baking and more.

Raw C coconut oil can also be used as part of your skincare and wellness regime. Our organic coconut oil can be used to moisturise your skin, nails and lips. You can also incorporate Raw C coconut oil in nourishing hair masks (check out our recipe idea here for luscious locks and use it for oil pulling). The list of coconut oil benefits is endless!

If you are looking to buy coconut oil, Raw C is your number one choice.

Buy Organic Coconut Oil with No Artificial Flavours, Colours Or Preservatives

We never add any nasties to any of our coconut oil products. We simply take the finest quality coconut flesh and cold-press the oil to bring you our premium virgin coconut oil. You can order our coconut oil online in our store and have it delivered to any address in Australia. Raw C coconut oil can also be found nationwide in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and a range of independent grocers and health stores.
100% plant based, Raw C coconut oil is vegan-friendly, and a great addition to a healthy vegan or plant-based diet. And if you’re following a paleo or keto diet, incorporating virgin coconut oil as a pantry staple is a great option too.

Buy coconut oil online and discover this delicious kitchen must-have for yourself today.

Raw C Australia Organic Virgin Coconut Oil FAQs

There’s so many #rawsome coconut oil benefits!

For a start, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a medium chain saturated fat, and the most predominant saturated fat found in coconut oil. Lauric acid replicates some of the functions of unsaturated fats and may help to improve good cholesterol levels when enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Because we triple filter our virgin coconut oil, it has a subtle coconut flavour. This makes it a great addition to any pantry for use in both savoury dishes and baking. Raw C coconut oil is also great to use as a binding agent in raw treats.

Your skin and hair will thank you for using coconut oil too! The fats in coconut oil enhance moisture retention which means it can be used as part of your skincare routine to help keep your complexion glowing.

Pure coconut oil can also be used as a natural hair product with the lauric acid in coconut oil working to nourish hair, tame unruly locks and prevent breakage.

Raw C virgin coconut oil is sure to become one of the most versatile products you can keep in your pantry for both health and beauty. 

Organic coconut oil is made from non-GMO coconuts grown without using any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. You can tell if a coconut oil is organic by checking if it’s been reviewed by an official regulatory body, such as the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Raw C coconut oil is certified organic and our jars carry official ACO accreditation.

Virgin coconut oil, also known as unrefined coconut oil, is coconut oil that’s been pressed from coconut flesh and then undergone no further processing. This is the coconut oil we produce here at Raw C.

Regular, or refined coconut oil, is made from the dried coconut kernel, known as copra, and undergoes many other processes, such as deodorising and bleaching, before filling into a jar or tub.

As a result, virgin coconut oil has greater health benefits.

When you choose to buy Raw C coconut oil, you can be assured we have cold pressed the purest coconut flesh to bring the finest virgin coconut oil to Australia.

You certainly can buy your pure coconut oil online directly from us! You’re just a few clicks away from having our organic virgin coconut oil delivered to your door. You can also buy Raw C coconut oil from Coles, Woolworths and a range of independent grocers and health stores.


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