Raw C Coconut Milk Drink
Dairy-Free & Lactose-Free Ideal for Vegans

That’s right Rawsters! Every delicious naturally flavoured Raw C coconut milk drink is dairy-free, lactose-free and vegan friendly. Made from premium quality natural ingredients, you can enjoy Raw C coconut milk drink straight up or added to your favourite smoothies, chia puddings, mocktails, cocktails and more. Our naturally flavoured coconut milks, available in chocolate, vanilla bean and sea salt and strawberry varieties, also contain HALF the sugar content when compared to the same amount of flavoured dairy milk. How’s that for #rawsome?

Raw C Naturally Flavoured Coconut Milk Beverages Have No Artificial Flavours,Colours Or Preservatives

We use only the freshest coconuts to create our naturally flavoured coconut milk drink range and our unsweetened coconut milks.

We use all-natural ingredients in our flavoured coconut milk beverages and never add any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in any of our #rawsome products.
Whenever you choose our vanilla, chocolate flavoured coconut milk or unsweetened Raw C coconut milk, order our coconut milk online and enjoy these delicious and refreshing drinks, chilled and straight up.

Raw C Coconut Milk is The Ideal Healthy Drink for Gluten and Lactose Intolerant People

If you’re gluten intolerant, the Raw C coconut milk drink range is a fantastic and refreshing gluten-free option. Our coconut milk drinks are great for vegans and those following a dairy free diet as they contain no dairy or lactose whatsoever.
We simply pack all the #rawsome creamy goodness that comes from the freshest coconut milk and deliver your favourite unsweetened and naturally flavoured coconut milk varieties to you. Just chill and enjoy!
There’s no better choice for a refreshing all natural beverage than the Raw C coconut milk drink range. 


Order Coconut Milk Online from Raw C Today!

Are you a fan of our chocolate coconut milk drink or our vanilla coconut milk drink? Maybe our strawberry coconut milk drink is your number one or you love all three?! Whatever your favourite, the complete range of naturally flavoured Raw C coconut milk drink can easily be ordered from our online shop. We’ll deliver your Raw C coconut milk drinks directly to your door anywhere in Australia!

For Australia’s best coconut milk, buy online from Raw C today. Also available in selected independent grocers Australia wide. 

Raw C Coconut Milk FAQs

Raw C coconut milk beverage choices are all proudly vegan friendly and great for anyone following a vegan or plant based diet. The ingredients are all natural.

Every Raw C coconut milk drink you buy is suitable for those with food allergies and intolerances. Our coconut milk drinks are all completely free of lactose, dairy and gluten so you can enjoy them whatever your dietary requirements.

If you’re lactose intolerant, you can choose our chocolate flavoured coconut milk drink, our tasty vanilla bean and sea salt and our strawberry option. Simply chill your fave Raw C flavoured coconut milk drink and enjoy. 


It’s the perfect coconut milk for kids (and big kids!) to enjoy.

You most certainly can! The Raw C online shop sells every variety of our flavoured coconut milk. Choose from our single serve 325ml cans (available in cases of 12) or our one litre varieties including straight-up coconut milk, vanilla flavoured coconut milk and chocolate flavoured coconut milk drink (available in cases of 6).

Our coconut milk drink is available from a wide range of independent grocers nationwide and you can also choose your fave coconut milk to buy online from us too. Our online store makes buying coconut milk online a breeze and whatever your favourite, when you order coconut milk online directly from us, we’ll deliver it to your door. Hooray!

Our naturally flavoured coconut milks are #rawsome chilled and straight from the bottle as a dairy-free, vegan milkshake alternative! And with 25% less sugar than regular dairy flavoured milks, they’re also perfect for using in smoothies, smoothie bowls, chia puddings, nice cream, ice cream, custards, ice blocks, even on cereal!


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